1. Technical implementation, integration, and product development
  2. Strategy and guidance

Technical implementation, integration, and product development

Greenfield data integration, data analytics, ML model setup, AI integration
I can help you go from zero to a functional system—be it integrating data from multiple systems, providing analytics, serving predictions, or augmenting your existing offering with AI capabilities within weeks. This alows your business to get immediate support on the data side of things while you are planning your next steps.
Assessment, migration and modernisation of the tech stack
Many suboptimal setups—both technical and organizational—happen "for historical reasons" or simply because team members lacked the necessary time, knowledge or experience at the time of making certain decisions. I can help you assess the current state of your data tech stack and workflows highlighting strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement. This assessment will be followed by a suggested action plan for transitioning to a more desirable state. I can start exeuting on the approved action plan until you find internal resources to take over.
Prove of concept (POC) and minimal viable product (MVP) development
Often, you need to evaluate a new tool, system, or technology while your team is busy working on current issues. This type of project can be decoupled from existing business operations, making it an ideal candidate for outsourcing. I can help you define, build, and evaluate a proof of concept (POC) or minimum viable product (MVP) in an extremely short time (with weekly feedback loops), allowing you to get the answers you need while your core team continues focusing on existing production workloads.

Strategy and guidance

Data strategy definition with focus on improving your data ROI
I can help you walk a path from strategic imperatives to business goals to specific technical solutions to support all of the above. Both parties get bonus points for defining and setting up a system to track KPIs that will help monitor progress toward achieving your business and strategic goals.
Revenue-generating data products roadmaps
These days many companies sit on piles of data that could generate additional revenue. The bottleneck is often in defining the offering, packaging it and delivering it to the interested parties. I can help you crystallize your ideas around new data-centric offerings and develop technical roadmaps and resource plans for launching revenue-generating data products.
Advice and support with building and scaling data teams
Getting a right mix of data engineers, data analysts, ml engineers, data scientists, devops engineers can be confusing. I can help you build lean and effective teams with the highest cohesion possible.